A software developer.

wiki anchor generator : web app + api

Progressive Web App (PWA) for fetching articles from Wikipedia and crafting deep links to the article sections.

tnl : npm + api documentation

CLI tool to generate a public URL with a secure tunnel to a local directory using ngrok and http-server.
tnl Starting up http-server, serving ./ Available on: http://localhost:8081 Starting up ngrok, exposing on port 8081

notion-md-pdf : npm + rationale

Converts pages exported from Notion as Markdown into PDF files using the command line due to browser rendering issues.
notion-md-pdf ~/ Conversion completed: ~/Document-Name-XXXXXX-1.pdf

mann : github

"Your personal man pages." - CLI tool for storing and running customized commands.
mann service Name: service Commands: 1. service --status-all mann add "service --status-all | grep -E 'httpd|vsftpd'" Added: service --status-all | grep -E 'httpd|vsftpd' mann run service 2 service --status-all | grep -E 'httpd|vsftpd' httpd (pid 2301) is running... vsftpd (pid 14070 2061) is running...


Repository of open-source projects I'm working on or have worked on in the past.